The Autoantibody Network (AAN) was initiated in 2004 by Dr. Mario D’Costa, Margurate Zeale, and Dr. Donglai Ma. The initial purpose was to promote regular communications among clinical autoimmune diagnostic laboratories. Workshops and newsletters played a major role at that stage. Eventually, demands for the conference became inevitable. The conference started in 2005. Twelve (12) subsequent conferences were held in London (Ontario), Fredericton (New Brunswick), Ottawa (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia), Toronto (Ontario), Mississauga (Ontario), Port Credit (Ontario), Mississauga (Ontario), Port Credit (Ontario), Jasper (Alberta), Meadowvale (Ontario), Niagara Falls (Ontario) and Meadowvale (Ontario), respectively. The upcoming 14th Conference of the Autoantibody Network (now called Autoantibody Summit 2022) will be held in Hamilton, Ontario on September 22 & 23, 2022 and more details are to be announced.

AAN is progressing well and playing an important role in the autoantibody diagnostics field. Its development is well beyond the original scope. Professionals working in both clinical settings and research fields are enthusiastically involved in the AAN activities. The platforms for the AAN now include regular workshops, specific work groups, annual conferences, this website, the series of autoantibody books, and finally the Journal of Autoantibodies.